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Order takeout pizza here!

In May and June, we are only open for takeout pizza orders on Saturdays, from 5–8p.m.


  • Clicking on the ORDER YOUR PIZZA BUTTON BELOW Do not call, email, or leave a message with your order. Our website is the only way we can accept orders right now.


  • Every week orders will be accepted on our website starting Monday at noon until Thursday at noon for a Saturday or Sunday night pick-up. You must choose a pick up time. If the pick up time you want is not available it means there are already too many pick ups for that time and you must choose another time. If you cannot select any time slot, we have sold out for the night.
  • Please limit the number of pizzas on your order to 6. If you would like to order more than 6 pizzas please place a separate order in an additional time slot.
  • 4:30 and 4:45 pick up times are ONLY for Vinalhaven delivery. 5PM-8PM pick up times are ONLY for North Haven and Walk Up.
  • Make sure you select your pick up or delivery preference.
  • If you live on a different island or the mainland but have transportation by boat please select Curbside Walk Up and see our protocols below.
  • Pay with a credit card or gift card online at checkout.
  • To recap, you must order online between Monday at noon until Thursday at noon for your Saturday or Sunday night order! You cannot call Calderwood on Saturday or Sunday night to order your pizza.


  • Arrive at Calderwood promptly at your chosen pick up time.
  • Park on the Calderwood hill and PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. If we do not come out promptly to check in, sit tight in your car, we will be right out.
  • A staff member will come out and drop off your order on the hood of your car for a no-contact hand off.
  • Check your order to ensure you got everything you ordered!
  • In order to make this system safe and efficient once you have received your food please pull away.


  • We will have a table set up by the handicapped-accessible ramp outside the back door of Calderwood, specifically for walking pick ups. We will confirm your arrival and bring your food out.
  • Please respect other customers and staff by maintaining social distance.
  • Please be mindful of traffic on the hill.



  • You must select a “pick up” time of 4:30 or 4:45. These are specific for Vinalhaven delivery.
  • Your order will be delivered to the Vinalhaven thorofare at 5pm.
  • Please remain in your vehicle in the lower parking lot, staff will confirm your order and place it on the hood of your car.
  • There is a $12 charge for Vinalhaven delivery which will be automatically added to your bill.


  • We cannot take any special orders or adjust orders at this time. What you see on the website is what we’ve got. There are selectable options online to adjust your orders to be gluten and/or dairy free.
  • If you do not have internet, a credit card or are having trouble, call Calderwood Hall by Thursday, leave us a message and we will call and help you out.
  • STAY TUNED for menu and curbside updates by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.

General info

Calderwood Hall is normally open from May through December. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and guidelines from the State of Maine, we will only be open to customers for curbside takeout orders for the foreseeable future.

We know this isn't ideal, but it's the best thing we can do to keep everyone safe. Though we will miss having our community in the hall, we look forward to serving you and seeing your faces, even one at a time.



Restaurant: Curbside pickup on Saturday nights through online ordering

June through Labor Day

We will make our summer schedule available as soon as we can. Stay tuned...

...and wash your hands!


Phone: (207) 867-4700
2 Iron Point Road
North Haven, Maine 04853

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We serve made-to-order pizza, salads, and homemade desserts in an informal, family-style setting. We source island greens, vegetables, cheese, and meats whenever we can. Almost everything we serve is made from scratch.

Calderwood Hall has a full bar and a hearty Maine beer selection on tap—now including our friends at North Haven Brewing Co., who brew beer right downstairs!

No reservations are taken, but we do offer take-out.

Calderwood Hall is also available for hosting your birthday, graduation party, rehearsal dinner, or other special event. Email or call us for more details.


Tucked in the back corner of Calderwood Hall is our bakery—featuring an assortment of baked goods and sandwiches made daily.

Come enjoy a hot beverage and a cinnamon roll still warm from the oven.

About Us

Our History

Calderwood Hall was built in 1908 by Henry Calderwood as a community space. Over its hundred-year history, it has served as a dance hall, basketball court, movie theater, diner, meeting hall, and—for the last thirty years—as a seasonal gift shop.

In 2012, Cecily Pingree bought the building with the intention of turning it into a year-round space. Cecily, her father Charlie, and a couple of Toughcats renovated the space into four year-round apartments, a restaurant and market, and a brewery, owned and operated by North Haven Brewing Company.

Calderwood Hall Restaurant & Market opened its doors to the public in 2014 and has been bustling ever since.

The Team

Come work with us!

We're looking for new teammates to join us. Check out the job descriptions here!

  • Jessie Hallowell

    Jessie Hallowell is the head chef and dough master. Having moved away from North Haven as a kid, and lived elsewhere across the country for the past few decades, Jessie moved back to the island with her two kids six years ago. Although she has been a teacher for over 20 years, cooking has evolved from an avocation to her other vocation. She grew up in kitchens with flour on her hands and dough on her spoon. Now she works with students at the community school to grow and cook healthy, delicious food. She believes that cooking for others and sharing food with them is how we take care of each other. In her free time, Jessie loves to run, read, swim, climb, dance, build things, and play with her kids and dog. Although most days she’s just found spinning around the kitchen mixing dough! She likes any pizza with sumac pickled onions on it.

  • Amilia Campbell

    Amilia Campbell is the assistant chef and house manager. Growing up on North Haven has rooted her deeply to the island, sea, and community. Although traveling stints have taken her far, home is where her man, her hound dog and the best whoopie pies can be found and thus where her heart truly lies. Amilia caught the kitchen brat bug when she was fifteen and hopped around, landing at Calderwood Hall three years ago. But her real love of cooking began at a young age while watching her Grammy bake with all the love and patience you can only expect from a grandmother.

    Amilia is a healthy mix of all the Spice Girls. She is an active redhead who is the youngest on the Calderwood team. But don’t let her age fool you, she is the oldest of her five siblings and has learned how to be a powerhouse while wearing a romper and heels. Amilia’s favorite menu item is… "the desserts, duh".

  • Lydia Brown

    Lydia Brown runs and manages the market in Calderwood Hall. Originally from the island next door, Lydia migrated across the Thoroughfare as a teenager. On North Haven, she put down roots, fell in love, and now raises a family. In addition to being a purveyor of local foods, Lydia writes about island history, dances in her kitchen, makes dill pickles, and travels North Haven in search of rhubarb patches and old apple trees.

    Lydia has spent two years circumnavigating the entire shore line of the island. She is nearly complete, covering every creek, cove, beach and island cliff. Lydia is a fan of the Calderwood fishcakes and the new island beer brewed in the basement.

  • Cecily Pingree

    Cecily Pingree is the owner & general manager. Raised on North Haven, Cecily darted around the country for over a decade, landing back on the island when an old friend wanted to pass the torch of Calderwood Hall. Intrigued by the idea of creating a new community space and a sustainable island business, she shifted gears and started building.

    Before launching Calderwood Hall, Cecily worked in film throughout her twenties and continues to co-run a video production company, Pull-Start Pictures. She lives in a small cabin that faces East, likes swimming in cold water, good stories, biking long distances and the dead of winter in the mountains. She is a partial towards the butternut squash & ricotta pizza.

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